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A Journey through North India (Part 3)

The Unconventional Travel  — A Journey through North India (Part 3) Trip Duration: 24th Aug — 5th Sept 2015 Welcome to Part 3 of our amazing journey through North India!! If you haven't read Part 1 & 2 don't worry, here's are the link's to bring you, up to speed: Part 1: Part 2: Day 3:  Dharamshala /  Mcleod Ganj  → Manali  (26th Aug) Bhagsunag Waterfall It's Day 3 of our Journey through North India, as we wake up to a beautiful morning in the misty mountains of Mc Leodganj. Our first stop....Chai! After a quick shower, we head down to the local tea shop for some tea and light breakfast, to get our early morning kick, and jolt our brains awake! Strolling down the lanes, we reach the beautiful Bhagsunag Water fall, where I bought my first pair o

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